Photo: SkySports

The Milwaukee Bucks veteran point guard George Hill returned to Wisconsin to encourage people to vote ahead of the upcoming election.

Hill, who played a prominent role in the decision of the Bucks’ players to go on strike during the NBA postseason, he is leaving in San Antonio, but he visit Milwaukee to provide an important message.

(via NBC Sports):

“I’m not here to say vote for one side of the other,” Hill said. “But I’m here to say use your voice and vote. Our ancestors, our fathers and things like that fought for this right. You should take advantage of it and get out and vote and use it.”

Now that the season is complete, Hill has continued doing community outreach at his home in Texas as well as encouraging people to vote in Milwaukee.

The veteran point guard was one of the five NBA players to receive the NBA Community Cares Assist Award along with Sacramento’s Harrison Barnes, Boston’s Jaylen Brown, Oklahoma City’s Chris Paul and Dallas’ Dwight Powell.