Danny Green on Lakers’ free agency

LeBron James, Anthony Davis
Photo: NBA/Twitter

The Los Angeles Lakers sharp-shooter Danny Green thinks that his team will be good enough next season as long as they keep the core of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The Lakers roster may look very different compared to the one that brought the 17th title to the franchise as ten players will become free agents. But, according to the three-time NBA champion, having the two superstars is enough to be successful.

Per Adam Zagoria of Forbes:

“It’s going to be tough because we have so many free agents, with 10 guys that are free agents. Trying to bring everybody back and reconstruct the contracts, it’s going to be difficult, but when you have the nucleus of LeBron and AD — if they bring back AD — that’s pretty much what you need. You don’t need much else around them.”

Green further explained what it means to have LeBron and AD on the team and how it translates to team success, pointing at the struggles that the Lakers went through still managing to win games.

“As you can see the times where we weren’t playing well, we still won games,” he said. “We shot incredibly above average for a team, but when you have those two guys [James and Davis] you can win a lot of games just from sheer talent just because of how good they are.”