Nemanja Nedovic PAO

With Giannis Antentokounmpo and his brothers watching the game at the Olympic Stadium of Athens and Panathinaikos missing their captain and leading rebounder, Ioannis Papapetrou, due to an injury, the “Greens” managed to get an important home win against Fenerbahce, 82-68, on Thursday night (22/10). That was just the second game between the two teams in which there was no Zeljko Obradovic. Panathinaikos managed to keep Nando De Colo away from his usual offensive performance (averaging 17 points per game), since he only scored five points.

Nemanja Nedovic completed another productive night with Panathinaikos finishing the game with 28 points and a career-high of seven three-pointers. Keifer Sykes also helped the “Greens” with 11 points. Fenerbahce’s Lorenzo Brown led his team with 17 points and reached 100 rebounds in the Euroleague. From the Turkish side, Ahmed Duverioglu added 15 and also reached 100 Euroleague rebounds.

Panathinaikos brought some energy on the court from the very first minutes of the game with Marcus Foster having five out of the seven points of his team. The players of coach Vovoras got an early eight-point lead in the game (15-7) with two consecutive baskets from Nemanja Nedovic and a three-pointer from Keifer Sykes, forcing Fenerbahce to a time-out. Fenerbahce didn’t really manage to return on the game and Panathinaikos ended the first quarter with a buzzer-beater three from Nemanja Nedovic (22-13).

Panathinaikos extended their lead at the beginning of the second quarter to eleven points (26-15), with Fenerbahce trying to break Panathianikos’ defense, respond on their aggressiveness and score. Fener fought back, made it a four-point game but didn’t really find the energy and scoring solution that they needed, with coach Igor Kokoskov getting two technical fouls and leaving Fenerbahce’s bench.  With Fenerbahce lacking discipline and scoring ability and Panathinaikos finding multiple ways to score, the two teams ended the first half with the “Greens” leading by seven (37-30).

Photo: Euroleague Basketball

Fenerbahce got into the second half with a big three-pointer from Lorenzo Brown (37-33) to make it a couple minutes later a single point game with a three-point play from Ulanovas (41-40). Fenerbahce tied the game later on (43-43) but Panathinaikos’ defense didn’t let the Turkish club find their rhythm and take the lead. Panathinaikos didn’t really get affected by Fenerbahce’s effort to return on the game and extended their lead with some great offensive efforts. Both teams started playing some great offensive basketball and Panathinaikos ended the third quarter leading by six (62-56).

With Nemanja Nedovic scoring his fourth three-pointer, Panathinaikos extended their lead at the beginning of the fourth and final quarter (65-56). It was obvious that Fenerbahce couldn’t really keep up with Panathinaikos’ aggressiveness and energy letting Nemanja Nedovic find his easy way to their basket and lead the “Greens” to another victory in the Euroleague, 82-68.