National team: Spain

Club: New York Knicks (NBA)

Position: Point guard

Connor Sports:What is the first basketball court you can remember playing on?

José Calderón:“It was in Villanueva de la Serena in Badajoz, Spain – the village where I was born. That was the court on which my father played.”

Connor Sports:What is your favourite basketball court?

José Calderón:“Madison Square Garden.”

Connor Sports:What has been your favourite moment on a basketball court?

José Calderón:“Every time that I step out and see everyone cheering on the team. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Connor Sports:What does it mean to represent your country on the world stage, and how does it compare to playing for a team in the NBA?

José Calderón:“It’s a different feeling because playing for Spain represents so many people. The people’s excitement makes you feel complete. It’s very nice. Club support is limited to a city, but that bond with the fans is very special too.”

Connor Sports:What are your expectations for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain?

José Calderón:“We want to win the World Cup, as we have said so many times. To achieve that, we know that we must take things on a step-by-step and day-to-day basis. My mission is the same as my teammates – to win so we can achieve our goals as a group.”

Connor Sports:Who do you think will be your main rivals at the tournament?

José Calderón:“There are very good teams and I think it’s going to be an awesome tournament for the supporters. Brazil, USA, Serbia, Lithuania, France, Argentina… there are so many.”

Connor Sports:Who do you expect to be the star players to emerge at the tournament?

José Calderón:“The great thing about these big championships is that there are always going to be players that explode onto the scene. This will be one of the biggest attractions for people following the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain.”

Connor Sports:Do you have a message for the Spanish team fans ahead of the tournament?

José Calderón:“Without doubt, the most important message of all: Enjoy this World Cup!

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