Socks that are odorless, comfortable and help your feet stay dry all the time sound like the ideal sock to wear while playing basketball.

I never believed that socks could actually be completely odorless until I tried MP Magic socks, which claim to be the world’s best odorless socks.

After trying the socks, I can see why they make that claim.

The socks have a unique composition, as they are infused with three metals – copper (kills bacteria), zinc (reduces bacteria that contributes to odor) and silver (a great antimicrobial metal).

MP Magic socks even keep their odor-eliminating abilities after you wash them.

They also don’t become stiff and too tight after being washed like some other socks.

Speaking of which, there have been multiple claims that the socks can be worn six days without washing.

While I didn’t wear a pair that long, I did wear one for three days and after those three days, my feet never sweat or smelled.

Even when I used the socks to play basketball, my feet were able to breathe well and they even stayed dry.

MP magic socks have advanced features including streamlined moisture absorbency, shock absorption to help feet, legs and back and a breathable air cycle to help keep you cool and dry.

You also get the perfect pressure to support your instep and arch of your foot.

All of these factors help greatly for a sport like basketball that involves a lot of cutting, jumping and short, sudden bursts of movement.

MP Magic socks could definitely benefit players who play at any level, whether it’s high school, college or professionally.

As a bonus, players wouldn’t have to worry about their feet, shoes or lockers smelling, thanks to the technology in the socks mentioned earlier.

Fresh and dry feet as a result from wearing MP Magic socks can also help avoid skin infections like Athlete’s Foot.

Back in 2019, CEO of MP Magic socks Owen Zhang was asked what celebrity he would choose to wear his brand and why.

Zhang’s answer was Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry because he is a star NBA player and a big fan of Curry.

“And he is an athlete, he can give very good feedback of our socks. I believe MP Magic socks can help him,” Zhang said.

If Curry were to give MP Magic socks a try, I believe that he would be thoroughly impressed, as these socks have all the features to benefit basketball players.

Zhang also previously mentioned that he wants to release new socks every week in 2021.

If MP Magic ultimately does this and makes more of their athletic socks with new designs and colors, maybe one day we’ll see these socks on the feet of basketball players on a regular basis.