Skip Bayless slams LeBron James for “chasing superstar teammates” in response to Chris Paul rumors

LeBron James, Anthony Davis
Photo: NBA/Twitter

Sports analyst Skip Bayless found another reason why LeBron James is disqualified from the GOAT debate. The UNDISPUTED co-host has said on many occasions that the one and only GOAT is Michael Jordan while LeBron is a ‘phony GOAT’.

According to Bayless, James is chasing superstars to become his teammates, citing Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard (who surprisingly went to the Clippers) as prime examples of that. The topic came up after rumors appeared that LeBron could lure Chris Paul to the Lakers next season.

“Your man LeBron knows no shame when it comes to seeking and chasing superstar teammates and rings,” Bayless told co-host Shannon Sharpe on UNDISPUTED.

“He chases down unsuspecting victims of his chasedown blocks. And he chases and chases and chases superstar teammates that would help him get rings because he needs help, help, help, help more help.

“He took his talents to South Beach because he had to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. I didn’t have any problem with it because I thought he needed that. After he had the long run first go-round in Cleveland. And he tried and tried and failed miserably to win a championship there. He said “I got to go here to do this.” And he did. And God bless him he pulled it off.

“But then he obviously needed to go back to Cleveland because they had I thought the best closer in basketball in Kyrie and the best rebounder in basketball in Kevin Love. And that was a pretty good threesome that he joined forces when he returned to Cleveland.

“And then he comes to LA and obviously the master plan was to get AD up out of New Orleans and to Los Angeles. And it worked…

“I want to remind everybody LeBron was telling all of his media confidants about a year and four months ago that he had Kawhi Leonard. They thought it was signed, sealed and delivered. Until Kawhi bamboozled them and joined forces with the team that lives in the basement of Staples Center known as the Los Angeles Clippers.”

“Once and for all this disqualifies LeBron James from the GOAT debate. Because GOATs don’t chase superstar teammates. Michael Jordan was completely content in Chicago for all those years in Chicago just to say ‘I play with what I got.'”