Avery Bradley
Photo: Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers’ defensive specialist Avery Bradley did not follow his team in the “NBA bubble”. However, he was able to make life better for WNBA’s athletes inside their “bubble”.

Bradley’s family donated more than $30,000 in supplies to the WNBA’s bubble, including health and beauty items for the league’s working mothers, and educational materials and games for their children, according to Forbes’ Shlomo Sprung.

The WNBA’s ran a 22-game regular season and playoffs started from July 25 to Oct. 6 in Bradenton, south of Tampa Bay. The Seattle Storm won the championship.

Bradley opted out of the NBA restart for the Lakers due to a personal issue. He was supportive of his teammates’ winning season in Orlando, with the veteran guard being eligible to be offered a ring.