Scariolo Rubio
Photo: Mundo Deportivo

Sergio Scariolo had nothing but good words to say about the star of the Phoenix Suns and the Spanish national team, Ricky Rubio.

Scariolo, the head coach of Spain and assistant coach with the Toronto Raptors, said he admires Rubio not only as a player, but also as a person.

“That’s another life-changing player to coach. When I start coaching Ricky back in 2009, he was 18 and I decided to make him a starter in the national team.

He had a rough start, but then he became a leader, he was right there competing against players more experienced and talented than him.

Since then, he has been improving, despite some struggles on and off the court. I admire him, because he is both a good person and a player,” Scariolo told Fran Fraschilla during his appearance on the World of Basketball podcast.

Scariolo won the 2019 NBA title with the Raptors, while Rubio is considered one of the best point guard in the NBA and one of the leaders of the Spanish national team.