Stephen A. Smith
Photo by Mikey Reeves / ESPN Images

Stephen A. Smith made an interesting statement regarding the superstar of the Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons.

Smith believes Simmons can become the second version of LeBron James if he improves his mid-range game.

“It’s very simple. If Ben Simmons ever develops any kind of jumpshot whatsoever, he is LeBron James 2.0. Or part two — whatever way you want to put it. He’s the second coming. He is that lethal.

If you look at his all-around skillset, along with his sixe being 6′ 9″, 6′ 10″ with his ball-handling and his passing ability and basketball IQ and defensive prowess.

If Ben Simmons develops a jumpshot, he will be the second coming of LeBron James. If he does not, he’ll be Ben Simmons,” Smith said during his appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Simmons, who is considered a mediocre shooter, will be looking for a fresh start in the Philadelphia 76ers under new head coach Doc Rivers.