Danny Ainge reveals Kemba Walker was playing through injury during the playoffs

Photo: Sky Sports

Danny Ainge opened up about the status of Kemba Walker during the 2020 NBA playoffs.

The president of the Boston Celtics said Walker was ‘never right’ at any time inside the bubble.

Walker did not use his knee injury as an excuse, but the plan of the Boston Celtics is to get him healthy during the offseason and to the level he used to play.

“We will have a full plan for Kemba in the offseason in the next week or two weeks, regardless of what the medical tests come back with. There is no surgery needed, as far as I know. I could see he was definitely not himself,” Ainge said, via¬†Keith Smith¬†of CelticsBlog.

Walker has three more years left on his current deal, which includes a player option for the 2022/23 season.