Lakers’ Alex Caruso on the Nuggets: “They’re not here by accident”


The Los Angeles Lakers backup point guard Alex Caruso talked about what led to the Game 3 loss to the Denver Nuggets.

“They played more desperate, they played with a little higher edge and rightfully so, they’re down 2-0. But for our aspirations of being a champion that can’t happen. It’s just about us playing to the best of our ability. We didn’t do that for 48 minutes. I think that’s where we really get in trouble is when we don’t put our best forward,” he said.

“Denver’s a good team. They’re not here by accident… They’ve been a top 3 seed the whole year in the West. Through the bubble they’ve beaten really good teams. It’s not just about us coming out flat, obviously that’s a big part about it, we just have to be the more aggressive team and keep the bigger picture in mind.”