Patrick Beverley, Marcus Smart are biggest floppers, says JJ Redick

Marcus Smart
Photo: AP/Mark J. Terrill

The New Orleans Pelicans veteran guard JJ Redick opened about the biggest floppers he has faced during his NBA career. The 36-year-old sharp-shooter had two players on his mind as those who flop the most.

They are Patrick Beverley of the Los Angeles Clippers and Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics. Redick also mentioned Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets superstar James Harden.

Per Jacob Rude of USA Today:

“The obvious ones that stick out are like Marcus Smart and Pat Beverley…I feel like Kyle (Lowry) to a degree, maybe, is good at exaggerating contact. I think Harden is good at exaggerating contact. But, to me, it’s not necessarily flopping, it’s more of a skill because often times, like, there’s the really egregious flops or the really egregious calls for, let’s say, a player like Harden where you look at on tape and are like ‘Man, that really wasn’t a foul.'”

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