Skip Bayless on LeBron James in last play of GM2: “GOATS don’t hide”

LeBron James

Sports analyst Skip Bayless expanded on his criticism of LeBron James for his actions during the last play of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

The co-host of UNDISPUTED previously called out the Los Angeles Lakers superstar for not wanting to take the shot in the last play, saying Anthony Davis, who hit a buzzer-beating three-pointer, did what James couldn’t do.

“LeBron apologists: The last play last night was called FOR HIM. He was 1-6 in 4th q, 2 turnovers. As Rondo looked to in bound, LEBRON DID NOT MOVE. He wanted no part of the play. AD was the 4th option. AD saved him. You giving LeBron a pass for that??? GOATS don’t hide,” Bayless tweeted.

Bayless insists that Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. Meanwhile, he calls LeBron a “phony GOAT“.