Eastern Conference GM: “If Westbrook is tradable, get it done”

Harden Westbrook
Photo by Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

After failing to advance to the Western Conference Finals, the Houston Rockets enter the offseason with many questions about the future of the team.

It will start with a head coach. Mike D’Antoni will leave Houston after four years of coaching the Rockets. The new head coach and the management will have to decide on the roster.

First of all, it is superstars James Harden and Russell Westbrook. The latter had a disappointing playoff run in his first season with the Rockets.

According to an Eastern Conference general manager, he would keep Harden if it was up to him. Then he would try to trade Westbrook if possible.

Per Michael Scotto of HoopsHype:

“I wouldn’t move Harden,” one Eastern Conference general manager told HoopsHype. “He’s still so good, and they’re too old right now to just start a rebuild unless you’re getting a Jayson Tatum or Luka Doncic to rebuild around. I’d probably run it back in some shape or form, especially with next year being a compressed time period. I would keep all options open, but I wouldn’t be selling Harden just to the highest bidder. In the last two years, they easily could have won it all, so I don’t think it’s fair to panic yet if they lose. Now, if there’s a great deal out there, that’s a different story, but I still think it’s worth riding out one more year. If Westbrook is tradable, get it done.”