No Heroes, a film created by George Vitsaropoulos and his team at Basketball Guru, has been chosen to participate in the 26th Athens International Film Festival, commencing on September 23.

The documentary follows the day-to-day life, and struggles, of a wheelchair basketball team in Marousi, Athens during the 2018/19 season, after the film crew, led by George Vitsaropoulos, was granted a permit to follow the team around during the entire season.

The film delves into the team functions, but also into the individual stories of all its athletes, from how they ended up in a wheelchair to the difficulties they are facing in their daily lives, both inside and outside the basketball court, in a dysfunctional environment for disabled people and disabled athletes in Greece.

You can watch a subtitled version of the trailer below:

No Heroes Trailer – SUBS from Basketball Guru on Vimeo.

To find about more about the documentary, fans can visit No Heroes page on Facebook.