Ray Allen explains what Bradley Beal, Devin Booker have to do to win the championship

Photo: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Ray Allen explained what Bradley Beal and Devin Booker have to do to win the NBA championship in the coming years.

The NBA legend said Phoenix should keep surrounding Booker with talented players, while Beal should leave the Wizards and join a title contender.

“I love what Devin Booker did in the bubble, but I always knew that he was that type of player. I know a lot has been said about wherever team he might end up on but Phoenix has a great fanbase and an opportunity to win as long as they continue to surround him with pieces.

He (Beal) has been around for a while but he’s still so young and hasn’t really reached his prime yet. He’ll be out of Washington helping some other team win a championship within the next 10 years,” Allen said during James Posey’s “The Posecast” podcast.