James Harden Russell Westbrook Houston Sacramento
Photo: ESPN

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel talked about the greatness of Russell Westbrook after the game, according to Anthony Duckett of Space City Scoop. While Westbrook had a bad game, just having him on the court makes a difference.

Westbrook went for 10 points, 13 rebounds and four assists. The Los Angeles Lakers were able to break their legs in and run with the Houston Rockets. Westbrook was never able to get into a groove.

Here’s what Vogel said about how hard Westbrook is to prepare for:

“Russell Westbrook is as much of a threat as any of their shooters. In fact, he’s probably a bigger threat than any of their shooters. Russell attacking on the back side is every bit as lethal, if not more lethal than their spot up players.”

Westbrook is a former MVP and a future Hall of Famer. The Lakers were able to contain him in Game 2, which is almost impossible but one thing is certain. They respect his game.