LeBron James Kevin Durant
Photo: Tony Avelar/Associated Press

Kevin Durant opened up about how LeBron James made him a better player growing up.

Durant, who is four years younger than James, said James was his measuring stick since started playing basketball back in school.

“Well since I was in ninth grade and I turned on ESPN one day, LeBron James was the guy that people said is the next [Michael] Jordan. So in my mind, I was a 6’2” like JV player, I didn’t play varsity until my 9th grade year.

In my mind I was like this is the best player. So, I have to be as good as this or I have to look him in the eyes at some point in my career.

So, that was always in the back of my mind as I worked, as I played games. Because that was what was told to me, because that was the new guy, that was the next Jordan,” Durant told Barstool Big Cat and Alex Rodriguez on The Corp podcast.

Durant and James have been great friends off the court.