Tennis superstar, Novak Djokovic, praised the young Dallas Mavericks star, Luka Donci, in his recent interview with Among other things, Djokovic mentioned that Doncic is probably one of the best basketball players in the world and that he has a champion’s mentality.

“I think all the best about Luka as a basketball player and as a person, I have had direct contact with him for several years and we saw each other in Madrid while he played for Real. I am very happy with his successes and I support him from the bottom of my heart – I follow him, I watch every game, I saw that in the fifth he had problems with his left ankle,” Djokovic said.

Djokovic couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for what Luka Doncic has achieved at such a young age.

“It is incredible that at the age of 21 he already has so much success. They announced a great career for him, and I think he exceeded all those announcements and expectations. He still has a lot of time ahead of him, and so far he has done everything fantastically – he knows himself and his possibilities very well, he believes in himself and he is a true leader, even though he is so young. His experience at Real helped him transfer the role of leader to the NBA as well.”