“Luka Doncic sees the game in 6G, not 5G,” says Rick Carlisle

Luka Doncic Rick Carlisle
Photo: LM Otero/Associated Press

Luka Doncic made another incredible performance and received high praise from the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, Rick Carlisle.

Carlisle said Doncic’s play ‘was from another planet’ and compared him to NBA legends Jason Kidd and Larry Bird.

“He sees the game in 6G, not 5G. It’s another level beyond what most people see it. That game was from another planet. Both those guys are from the same fabric competitively.

Their will to win and resourcefulness. It’s not just about putting the ball in the basket. It’s about giving teammates’ confidence,” the head coach of the Mavs told reporters after Game 4.

Doncic posted another triple double with 43 points, 17 rebounds and 13 assists, while he hit the three-pointer at the buzzer to hand Dallas the 133-135 over the Los Angeles Clippers.

The series are tied at 2-2. Game 5 takes place on Tuesday.