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Euroleague Campaign "Not in Our World"

Euroleague players to wear social justice messages on their game jerseys

Great initial from Euroleague players and clubs that will have the opportunity to start this new Euroleague season by making their voices...

EuroLeague Players Association requests for suspension of the competition due to coronavirus

With more and more sporting events getting cancelled, the EuroLeague Players Association published a request to suspend the EuroLeague season due to...
Svetislav Pesic Barcelona

Svetislav Pesic on his confrontation with ELPA: “I didn’t want to criticize anyone or...

The head coach of Barcelona, Svetislav Pesic, addressed his confrontation with ELPA and its Managing Director, Bostjan Nachbar. A...
Svetislav Pesic Barcelona

EuroLeague Players Association responds to Svetislav Pesic

The EuroLeague Players Association (ELPA) took to Twitter and responded to the comments of Barcelona's head coach, Svetislav Pesic.
Svetislav Pesic Barcelona

Svetislav Pesic on Bostjan Nachbar: “He is completely abnormal”

The head coach of Barcelona, Svetislav Pesic, was furious with the Managing Director of EuroLeague Players Association, Bostjan Nachbar.
Vladimir Lucic Bayern Munich

ELPA removes all stickers inside the three-point area in EuroLeague games

The EuroLeague Players Association (ELPA) announced that stickers will not be allowed inside the three-point area in the games.

Bostjan Nachbar: “The necessity of third place game shall be addressed by ELPA”

The president of ELPA Bostjan Nachbar took to Twitter and addressed the situation regarding the necessity of the third place game.

EuroLeague Basketball and ELPA agreed on the 2019/20 calendar

EuroLeague Basketball announced it has reached an agreement with the EuroLeague Players Association (ELPA) for the 2019/20 EuroLeague calendar.

The creation of the EuroLeague Players Association

Following the Championship Game Press Conference, Bostjan Nachbar, Luigi Datome and Kyle Hines announced the upcoming founding of the EuroLeague Players Association. The Association will...
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