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On Team USA’s tumultuous week

Despite playing not a single game this week in advance of the 2014 FIBA World Cup, Team USA nevertheless endured the ups and downs...

Looking ahead: Europe’s NBA free agents in 2015

What a whirlwind: It seems as though pro basketball’s period of free agency/roster-shuffling transactions has barely begun, as though just yesterday Lebron James was...

Team Germany’s Giffey wants Dirk at NCAA final, on Alba Berlin’s radar Could Dallas Mavericks all-time great Dirk Nowitzki be in what is expected to be the largest attendance for a college basketball game ever when...

Preview: Kentucky Wildcats vs Wisconsin Badgers

Game #2 of today’s (or, in CET time, tomorrow morning’s) doubleheader of 2014 NCAA Championship game-determining matchups pits the Julius Randle and the Immovable...

Preview: U Conn Huskies vs Florida Gators

The 2013-14 NCAA basketball season all comes down to the proverbial this, as the weekend sees the transformation of March Madness into the April...




Luka Doncic hit Marcus Smart below the belt and still got the AND-1

Blake Griffin with the first bucket of the season And assist:

Draymond Green says he’s aiming to play vs the Jazz

The Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green...

Dwight & Kostas were hyped in the locker room before the game

Steph Curry called Michael Jordan a hater

The Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry...