Patrick Beverley LA Clippers
Photo: Chris Carlson/Associated Press

Patrick Beverley left the Orlando “bubble” earlier in July, after losing a childhood friend from his hometown in Chicago. Davarius Davis, 31, was shot and killed at Douglas Park on the West Side of Chicago, per Chicago Sun-Times.

Beverley is not new in losing close ones and hasn’t stopped grieving since Davis death.

“I cried on my way to practice on the back of the bus man,” Beverley said per ESPN. “It makes me just want to hurry up and win my championship – understanding that I have to go through every process and phase [to get] that while being fortunate to be out here with my teammates – and then get back home to my homies, get back to my friends.

“I am tired of losing people. You know? It hits home for me. I have to deal with the reality when I get back [but until then] comforting my friends, being a leader right here, being a leader of my crew back home in Chicago.”

Beverley has sat out with a calf injury playing in just three games in the seeding games for the Los Angeles Clippers.