Shannon Sharpe on Blazers’ chances of beating the Lakers

LeBron James, Damian Lillard
Photo: Jamie Valdez/ USA TODAY Sports Images

The Portland Trail Blazers continue their hunt for a playoff spot. They are just .5 games back behind the Grizzlies, the current eighth seed. If the Blazers do make the playoffs, they will face the Lakers in the first round.

Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe shared his thoughts on the possibility of Portland beating the Western Conference leaders should they meet in the playoffs. According to him, the Blazers could win a couple of games if they shoot the ball very well.

“Do I believe they can win 2 games? Yeah, I do. If they shoot the ball like they did yesterday, they can beat anybody. But I don’t think they can do that for a 7 games series,” Sharpe said on UNDISPUTED.