Frank Vogel talks about the Lakers’ loss to the Rockets

Frank Vogel

After clinching the number one spot in the West, the Los Angeles Lakers lost their second seeding game in a row. This time, the Purple and Gold fell to the Houston Rockets 97-113. After the game, the Lakers head coach Frank Vogel talked about the lessons his team needs to learn from the game.

“We continue to learn. They’re unique team with how they play on both ends of the floor. We did some things poorly at times, we did some things good at times,” Vogel said. “You learn from the tape. You put it in the game plan for next time you play these guys. And learn to attack their switching a little better than we did. … We continue to learn about our personnel.”

Vogel couldn’t provide a definite answer whether he intends to simulate a playoff rotation for the Lakers in any of the remaining three seeding games. Los Angeles will take on the Pacers, Nuggets and Kings before the start of the playoffs.

Game highlights: