Jerami Grant Nuggets
Photo: AP Photo/Matt York

The Denver Nuggets forward/center Jerami Grant sticked to talking on Breonna Taylor’s death during a zoom media session.

Grant has repeatedly avoided to talk about anything else, as he said he want to focus on what’s important during these times.

He also admitted that he is happy to be here in Orlando, but he wanted to address the fact that “her murderers are still roaming free”.

“I think it’s great to be here with my teammates,” Grant said, via Yahoo Sports. “It’s great to be back playing basketball. For me personally, and I think a lot of the players, I think it’s imperative that we focus on what’s really important in the world. One thing, for me, is Breonna Taylor’s killers still are roaming around free. I think I just want to focus on that with these interviews.”

“[There’s] a lot going on in the world right now with police brutality and racism and things like that, and I want to keep the focus on that,” Grant said, according to ESPN. “It’s tough times. It has been this way for a long time. Basketball is something I love and something everybody loves, but at the same time we got to focus on what is important.”

Taylor’s death has sparkled outrage in the last couple of months, as she was shot and killed in her bed around midnight on March 13. 

According to New York Times, police had executed a no-knock search warrant at her apartment during a drug investigation.