Photo: Morry Gash/The Associated Press

Malcolm Brogdon has stated that he will continue wearing a mask, even when he is practicing in order for his teammates to feel safe.

After testing positive for the coronavirus, Brogdon is wearing a mask as a safety precaution during workouts until official action resumes.

“I intend to do it until we start playing games,” Brogdon said Thursday, per ESPN’s Eric Woodyard. “It’s something I’ve been doing for my conditioning and just to be considerate of the guys just in case guys were worried about me previously contracting the virus. Just wearing it to help be cautious and make guys feel comfortable.”

Brogdon has tested positive for the coronavirus in June. As he said, he had been very fortunate, as the guard has recovered 100%, since then, having experienced the virus with mild symptoms.

“I had very mild symptoms,” Brogdon said. “Had a fever and a headache but [other] people that come down with the virus, they had it way worse than I did, so I was very fortunate and very blessed that I’ve completely gotten over the virus and I feel great. So, I’m back to 100 percent.”

The 2017 rookie of the year averages 16.3 points, 4.7 rebounds and 7.1 assists for the Pacers this season.