Jared Dudley
Photo by Mike Stobe/ Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers veteran Jared Dudley, who has been advocating for the NBA season resumption, talked about what it means for him to be able to compete on the basketball court again.

Dudley, who turns 35 this week, acknowledged the health risk that comes with going to Orlando bubble, but at the same time he is excited about getting a chance to win his first championship.

“I’m excited. This is the closest I’ll get to winning a championship. This is where it’s gonna be in history. When go down there and people say asterisk on this… that’s everyone’s opinion. But for me, if we win a championship we gonna parade. And it counts for me,” Dudley said.

The Lakers are of the top favorites to win it all this season. They are in a good position when the season resumes in Orlando, as they occupy the first place in the Western Conference.