LeBron James Kawhi Leonard
Photo by Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

LeBron James won the BET Sportsman of the Year award recently, but, according to sports analyst Skip Bayless, it was Kawhi Leonard who really deserved it.

Kawhi won the NBA championship with the Toronto Raptors last season, while also winning the NBA Finals MVP. He has previously done it with the San Antonio Spurs in 2014.

Last summer, Leonard was the hottest name in free agency. He kept everyone guessing on where he will play next with most linking him with the Lakers or Raptors. But, to everyone’s surprise, he chose the Clippers.

Bayless thinks that the only reason that the Clippers superstar does not win and will not win such awards is because he is not entertaining for television.

“It’s hard for BET, and I love BET, but it’s hard for them to give that award to a man with a weird laugh who rarely says much of anything. Because television, as we all know, it’s the entertainment business. All Kawhi does is win championships and Finals MVPs. He controlled the whole NBA for a whole year!” Bayless said on UNDISPUTED.