Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant
Photo: Zennie Abraham/Flickr

Basketball is an exciting game for players and fans alike. It is also quite lucrative. Undoubtedly, NBA superstars including the likes of Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Steph Curry and the late Kobe Bryant made a life out of basketball, became role models for many young generations across the globe, and great trendsetters in the fashion world. With all the fame, wealth, joys and opportunities that the game offered, the NBA stars have the chance to also enjoy a few vices. While some may choose a quiet life away from the glaring cameras, some have opted to party by spending quality time with ladies around them, while others have opted to hit the club almost every weekend. 

Interestingly, the stardom of NBA players opens up the route of casino life including top casinos in Las Vegas, online casinos as recommended on CasinoCanuck and Atlantic City casinos. Therefore, there seems to be two different lives for stars whom millions of fans across the globe cannot stop to get glued on the screens whenever they hit the court. 

Michael Jordan 

He is one of NBA’s greatest players of all time. His personality and strategies whenever he took to the pitch won the hearts of many fans. Jordan puts a lot of effort, enthusiasm and dedication on the court. While off the game, Jordan explores his skills at the casino. He is well known in Atlantic City, where he gambles competing with fans, other NBA stars and golf celebrities. On different occasions, Jordan has spent up to a whopping $1,000,000 while gambling and playing shooting games with his teammates. 

J.R Smith 

With the bright lights of NBA and casino world, J.R Smith who is a well celebrated star has had an interesting experience following his love for gambling. In one incident, Smith, who often pulls strange stunts at the court has had his multimillion mansion broken into. The thieves got away with a suitcase containing $15 thousands. Smith admitted that for a star like him, he had set aside the money for gambling. He noted that it is quite normal for a multi-millionaire and well celebrated NBA star like him to have such an amount in the mansion. 

J.R Smith is also one of the stars whose has earned the title of a playboy. While he may not have been in any cheating scandal, many of his social media fans have noted his love for beautiful women. Often, his posts across social media platforms are about women or the same woman. He has also been seen exchanging looks public with beautiful girls. One of the most notable one is when Smith asked a groupie whether they were interested in getting the pipe! 

The Late Kobe Bryant 

The late Kobe Bryant was a rich, handsome and world class NBA star who was arguably loved by many fans across the globe. With the fame, came the money and the chance to explore different possibilities that life offered. Bryant was known as the ladies’ man with his wife Vanessa noting that her husband enjoyed the intimate company of women. In 2003, Kobe Bryant had a sexual assault case in Eagle, Colorado filed by a 19 year old hotel staff. For the people who knew the star very well, it is safe to note that the glitz of basketball and its great bucks offered Kobe Bryant a leeway to getting the company he wanted whenever he was out of the pitch. 

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade also makes the list of well celebrated basketball stars. He is not only great at the court but also has great gambling skills. He loves poker and some years back, Dwyane and LeBron James could spend plenty of money playing poker and other casino games after bringing up Miami Heat. Dwyane could even joke about their experience after playing Booray, where LeBron was the ghost. LeBron flipped and was out of the game after spending close to 50k or more. The moment was dramatic for the players who decided that gambling session could not just end there. With the excitement, they spent more dollars while enjoying every step of their gambling experience.