Photo:Tom Fox / The Dallas Morning News

Caron Butler believes the toughest opponent to overcome in the Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA championship run was the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder was the youngest team that Dallas faced in the playoff that season. The Mavericks defeated the Thunder in the 2011 Western Conference Finals in just five games.

The team, led by the great Dirk Nowitzki, overcame the heavily favored Miami Heat in the Finals to win their first championship in the history of the franchise.

That’s what Butler said on a recent Bleacher Report AMA:

“When we beat OKC. To me, I felt like this was the hardest team to overcome and I felt like we would win after we beat them. The Lakers didn’t seem as dangerous that year, we beat them and we beat Portland. OKC didn’t know any better because they were too young.

I really felt like our percentages were high because I didn’t think Miami had it figured out yet. I remember Brendan Haywood looking at me like: We gotta get one before they could figure it out because LeBron and Wade didn’t know who was Batman and who was Robin.”