“LeBron is going to make sure those games in Orlando are played,” said an Eastern Conference executive

LeBron James
Photo: ESPN/YouTube

LeBron James once said he was chasing the ghost of Micheal Jordan. James wants to win as many titles he can before his career is over. According to an Eastern Conference executive, that is why he wants to make sure the games in the Orlando bubble happen.

Via ESPN, the executive said:

“LeBron is going to make sure those games [in Orlando] are played because he knows they could have a huge impact on his legacy. He knows picking up one or two more titles is the potential tipping point, and he’s determined to go for it.

LeBron’s finals record has been questioned time and time again. He has been to the Finals nine times and has won three times. If he has a chance to become the NBA champion this season then it is understandable that he will want to play no matter what.”

Some players have come out and said they don’t want to play in the Orlando bubble and that is understandable due to the sacrifice. The restart date is July 30th.