Chris Paul OKC Thunder
Photo: Bleacher Report

Yahoo Sports‘ Chris Haynes has reported that there are many NBA players who are disappointed they weren’t given an opportunity to vote on whether or not the 2019/20 season should be resurrected.

The league’s Board of Governors and NBPA both agreed on the proposed plan to restart the season in Orlando, Florida; 22 teams set to potentially make such an attempt at the end of next month.

However, there are several players who feel like the current climate in the United States isn’t conducive to sports restarting, as if the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t already bad enough. That is according to sources cited by Haynes, with an unnamed black player having voiced a complaint to Yahoo Sports.

The player said:

“What message are we sending by agreeing to this during this time? We’re out here marching and protesting, and yet we all leave our families in these scary times and gather to perform at a place where the owners won’t be at? What type of sense does that make? We’ll be going backwards. That place isn’t that magical.”

Enes Kanter Boston Celtics
Photo: Charles Krupa/Associated Press

It’s also understood that a number of players are hesitant to voice their views as there is fear over upsetting the NBA superstars who are all for the restart. 

Last month, Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter claimed to have been told that there are several high-profile players on current playoff teams who do not want to go back to the court.