Tristan Thompson Cavaliers
Photo: Carlos Osorio/Associated Press

Tristan Thompson may remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers and sign a new contract, according to Chris Fedor of

Thompson, who has been with the Cavs for his entire nine-year career in the NBA, will be a free agent this offseason.

“My initial thought when the Cavs were excluded from the Disney plan was that Tristan had played his final game with the Cavs. So, I reached out to people on both sides of this conversation.

Both sides said, ‘Slow down on that, take it easy here, you’re jumping to conclusions.’ When I texted somebody and said, ‘Does this mean Tristan has played his final game with the Cavs?’ I got back, ‘Not necessarily.’ And I believe there’s a chance he comes back.

I think there’s also a sense that the Cavs recognize the value that Tristan Thompson brings. And Tristan being one of the greatest Cavaliers of all-time and eventually having his jersey hung and continuing to climb the ranks of the all-time Cavs is something that’s meaningful to him,” Fedor said on the Wine and Gold Talk Podcast.