LeBron James
Photo: NBA.com

LeBron James will always be compared to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. It is inevitable. There is a way for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar to separate himself from the two NBA greats, according to former NBA player and current sports broadcaster for NBC Sports Drew Gooden. That is winning multiple championships with different teams and under different circumstances.

“I think he’s already separated himself from Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in that sense of winning multiple championships outside of the same organization and different and different coaches and different teammates. I think he’s already accomplished that,” Gooden said.

“I think this will be the tell of the tape of ‘Okay, I’ve not only done that two times but I’m gonna do that the third time in Los Angeles. Doesn’t matter who the coach is, doesn’t matter who my teammates are. I’m gonna provide the championship for the city of Los Angeles.’ Now if he does that now you start to see where does he separate himself from Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant.”