Photo: ESPN

When the NBA returns, one of the biggest favorites to win it all, the Los Angeles Lakers, will face two huge threats in the Western Conference, says sports analyst Skip Bayless. However, neither of them is among the top 8 teams and would need some wins to make the playoffs. They are the Portland Trail Blazers and New Orleans Pelicans.

“There are 2 teams that pose huge threats to the Lakers. If you want experienced firepower, we’re looking at the Trailblazers. And if you want all the traded, shunned Lakers getting even with LeBron: The Pelicans,” Bayless explained on why the Blazers and Pelicans are dangerous for the Lakers on UNDISPUTED.

Portland and New Orleans are next to each other in the standings. The Blazers occupy the ninth place with the Pelicans sitting right behind them.