Wizards’ owner Ted Leonsis on John Wall’s return: “Physically he will be in a much different place”

Photo: Reuters

Jonh Wall remained off the court for about one and a half year after he suffered a season-ending heel injury in the 2018-2019 season and later sustained a Achilles tendon rupture, while he was recovering from his first surgery(February 2019).

Whereas nobody could know what the situation on John Wall’s return will be, after two quite serious injuries, the Wizards’ owner Ted Leonsis offered positive news for the Washington fans.

“I’m very much looking forward to John Wall’s return because I think physically he will be in a much different place. He has spoken about the pain that he had been in with his bone spurs. John once showed me a bone spur, one of the bone spurs that they took out of his heel. I will be sincere with you, I had never seen something like that. I couldn’t imagine what that felt like,” the Wizards boss explained, per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington.

“There are times where John has been isolated on social media where ‘look, he’s not playing defense, he’s not getting back.’ And then you would talk to John and he would say ‘I feel like there are razor blades in my feet when I’m running backwards. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t do it, I’m hurting the team now.'”

The five time all-star absense hurt the Washington Wizards’ chances to make the postseason the last two years, despite Bradley Beal’s incredible seasons.

If the 22-team plan goes through in order for the NBA season to resume, Washington may have a chance to get in the postseason, however they have to rely only on Beal, as Wall is not expected to come back in action yet.