Stephen Curry Michael Jordan
Photo: Getty Images

Steve Kerr made an interesting comparison between NBA superstar Stephen Curry and NBA legend Michael Jordan.

The head coach of the Golden State Warriors said the two players are similar in terms of the reactions they inspire in others watching them play.

“It’s a little bit like — people ask me, ‘What was it like to play with Michael Jordan?’ Well, every night was a show. That was the biggest thing with Michael.

Every single night you just were in awe of what you were watching. And because of that, I never really thought of one moment with Michael Jordan.

That’s kind of how I feel with Steph. He’s had so many big games for us, so many big shots, but there’s not really one that stands out,” Kerr said during his appearance on 95.7 The Game, as transcribed by Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area via Yahoo Sports.