After dominating the NBA for 13 seasons, Wilt Chamberlain thought it was time to go dominate another sport. Chamberlain reportedly challenged Muhammad Ali in a boxing match for his heavyweight title! In March of 1967, Ali and Chamberlain appeared of Howard Cosell’s show on ABC discussing their potential fight. Ali, on the show, stated that he wanted to “fight a few people first” before fighting Wilt.

The fight was set to take place at Madison Square Garden but unfortunately, neither side could come to an agreement. Chamberlain would only receive 500,000 dollars for the fight, which he was opposed to. Ali, on the other hand, took a hit when he lost to Joe Frazier. He had lost his heavyweight title which possibly made him think he was going to be fighting for nothing. Things simply just did not work out. This was just another one of those situations where you think to yourself what could have been.

Wilt Chamberlain and Muhammad Ali on “The Howard Cosell Show” on ABC