Skip Bayless on the Clippers beating the Lakers: “Patrick Beverley made The King look like a Court Jester”

Photo: LA Clippers/Twitter

The sports analyst recollected the game between the Lakers and Clippers which took place in December 2019. The Clippers earned a narrow victory 111-106. One of the biggest plays of the game was Patrick Beverley’s block on LeBron James’ attempted three-pointer with 3.4 seconds left to play and the Lakers trailing by two points.

“This play on Christmas Day was the play of the year for the upstart Clippers. Patrick Beverley made The King look like a Court Jester. This launched the Clippers into a mindset of ‘We can play with them,'” Bayless said on UNDISPUTED.

It is worth noting that the two Los Angeles sides could potentially meet in the NBA Finals if the league decides to re-seed the playoffs, regardless of conferences. The Lakers and Clippers are expected to meet in the late stage of the playoffs even if the traditional playoff seeding is used. The two teams are highly expected to clash in the Western Conference Finals.

Game highlights, including Beverley’s (8 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists) block on LeBron (23 points, 9 rebounds, 10 assists):