Quinn Cook LA Lakers
Photo: Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

The NBA is pretty close to finding the formula in order to resume play. Players started to work individually in several NBA facilities with many franchises restarting their basketball activity in the last two weeks.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard Quinn Cook, in a recent interview with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky of The Athletic, pointed-out the hardship players can face in order to salvage the lost on-court chemistry due to the basketball hiatus. He also noted that, because of that, winning the championship will be a real challenge for any team and will carry more weight.

“I think it would be harder. We’ve all been suffering – not suffering, you know, but not being able to move how you want to move, together. No team has an advantage. No facility has been open for a team until recently.

So I think it’ll be tougher because, and I can’t speak to every team, but if guys still aren’t communicating and staying on point, it might be harder to get the chemistry back or get that camaraderie back,” Cook continued. “So I know every team will just be happy to get back with their guys. They become family, a brotherhood,” Cook said, per Larry Brown Sports.

The Lakers were leading the Western Conference standings (49-14), before the season comes to a “halt”, being in title contention from the start of the year.