Daredevils built a giant pendulum swing to create amazing water circus

20 May 2020 – The Coronavirus pandemic has thwarted many people’s plans, including those of Dunking Devils, a world famous acrobatic basketball group from Slovenia. The fearless daredevils had intended to start filming new material for their successful web series DD Squad, but unfortunately had to put their plans on hold due to quarantine. However, self-isolation isn’t preventing them from continuing to blow us away with their incredible stunts! Their latest episode filmed in summer 2019 shows the quartet setting up a real water circus featuring a huge, handbuilt pendulum swing! 


Although world-famous acrobats Dunking Devils are currently confined to their homes, they continue to amaze us with their breathtaking stunts. During these difficult times they have surprised us with a new episode of their web series DD Squad which was filmed last summer. Joining forces with renowned Slovenian performers, the acrobats set up a water circus under a railway bridge crossing the Ljubljanica river just outside the capital of Slovenia. For this occasion, the quartet designed a special, seven-meter-long pendulum swing for 4 people. Pushing the swing, the daredevils achieved a g-force of 3 times the Earth’s gravity that propelled them 15 meters far and provided them with plenty of airtime to perform a multitude of impressive stunts. For the first time ever, the acrobats successfully pulled off a quadruple front flip 360, triple gainer and a double frontflip with a 1080° twist.


During the filming of the latest episode of the DD Squad web series, Dunking Devils joined forces with some of Slovenia’s most renowned acrobats. The water circus featured performances by aerial artist Dana Auguštin, acrobatic duo F&B acrobatics, pole dancer Eva Obscura, highliners from Italy, and the winner of Slovenia’s got talent season 7, pole dancer Tjaša Dobravec. Although all DD Squad’s stunts and projects are nothing short of heart-stopping, their latest collaboration shows that we can create the most incredible stories when we all work together – a fact that resonates even stronger in our current circumstances.


Maks Veselko, Dunking Devils acrobat and member of DD Squad

“Even though the filming took place almost a year ago, watching this episode brings back the excitement and happiness we felt upon accomplishing another one of our crazy stunts. When we started building the pendulum swing, we had no idea whether it would even work, so we were pleasantly surprised by the result. Although pushing the swing is hard on your legs, especially due to the triple g-force, it’s worth it. You’re constantly aware of the speed and once you jump, you feel as if you’re flying! We’re immensely grateful that so many top Slovenian acrobats decided to join us during the filming of this episode – we really couldn’t have put on this water circus without them. We hope to do this project again on an even bigger scale once the Coronavirus pandemic is well behind us.”