Photo: Twitter/NBA

NBA has changed, but they are still players that they could be suited for past eras of the game. According to former Michael Jordan teammate B.J. Armstrong, Klay Thompson is the best-suited player for the MJ’s and the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty era.

Armstrong explained his thought on ESPN’s First Take:

“One the players I think would excel most in that era would be Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson, I think, is equipped to play in that era because of the way he plays. He’s a big guard, I think he has some physicality of the game and he played the game in the way that they all played. We ran plays where the 2-guard had to provide spacing and you had to be able to take your matchup. I think he was big enough to take that matchup every single night. I just think he would be a player that would fit into that era beautifully because of how he plays the game now. I think it translates,” Armstrong said, per Bleacher Report.

Klay Thompson is the prototypical shooting guard during the 90s, being an elite scorer and a great positional defender according to the former Bulls and Hornets guard.

“You look at LeBron James, you look at Kawhi Leonard, you look at these guys, but Klay Thompson to me is a player that I said: You know what? He was a prototypical 2 guard that would fit very nicely into that era and the way they played the game back then,” Armstrong noted.

The Warriors’ guard has averaged at least 20 points per game in five straight seasons, while he is a vital member of the Golden State team that won three championships and play in 5 consecutive NBA Finals.

Furthermore, he’s earned a place in the second NBA All-Defense team during the 2018-2019 being an under-valued on-ball defender.