Dennis Rodman wrestled with Hulk Hogan during the NBA Finals

Dennis Rodman

NBA legend Dennis Rodman had his own way of spending time outside of basketball. Jason Hehir, director of ‘The Last Dance’, revealed to Jale Rose and David Jacoby a story about the time that The Worm missed a practice during the NBA Finals… so he could wrestle with Hulk Hogan.

But, it seems coach Phil Jackson and the rest of staff were already used to Rodman doing things like that. So, they allowed it to happen without too much worry. At the same time, they knew that he will be prepared when the time comes to perform on basketball court.

“It wasn’t anything unexpected. That they were so nonchalant that they allowed this to happen and they weren’t worried what was going to happen. I’m sure it was frustrating. You could sense in Phil’s [Jackson] tone of voice. But I think that Phil was more frustrated that he had to answer the questions. He said ‘It’s important to you, it’s an issue for you, not for us,'” Hehir said.