Andres Nocioni says Facundo Campazzo will eventually play in the NBA at some point

Photo: via Fullcourt Media

Andres Nocioni shared his opinion on Facundo Campazzo and the possibility of playing in the NBA at some point of his career.

The Argentinian point guard has received moderate interest from several NBA organizations being a valuable member of Real Madrid and the Argentina NT in the last four seasons.

His former teammate in Argentina NT and in Madrid Andres Nocioni said Campazzo will receive concrete interest from NBA in the near future. In that case, he could be good as gone from his current club.

“I think that Real Madrid will have to listen to offers from NBA teams this summer,” Nocioni suggested on Campazzo, per AS, via Eurohoops.” Madrid is going to have to understand that it is going to be a move that he is going to try to make at some point.”

“It is not easy for the players to make a decision similar to Llull’s, not everyone has that mentality of staying in Europe as Sergio has done. Facundo always saw the NBA as a possibility, since he was very young. He is not going to push it, but circumstances are going to make him consider the possibility.

“This summer will be difficult for both European and NBA teams,” Nocioni continued. “I believe that Facundo will have offers. For Madrid, it would be a huge loss but coupled with significant financial compensation that can allow the club to move forward.”

Campazzo is committed to Real Madrid until 2024, extending his contract with the Spanish club in the previous summer. A potential move would require him to pay 5.275M of his 6M buyout clause.