Photo: Sky Sports

The Boston Celtics hope to re-open their practice facility next week, according to the team’s president of basketball operations Danny Ainge.

While the situation is unclear on if/when the season will return, Ainge is confident the NBA will begin playing games again.

Here what the GM of the Boston Celtics said on ESPN’s The Lowe Post podcast, per

“Massachusetts has been one of the slowest in opening things up. Our next phase is, we’ll open up our facility. We’re hoping to do it next week,” he told ESPN’s Zach Lowe. “It’s 1-on-1… one coach, one player. Coaches with masks and gloves. Players in the gym, disinfect the gym. I don’t think anybody’s afraid of that. If I said we’re two or three weeks away from playing, I’m sure there would be some players that would have some trepidation. I think everybody’s just really anxious to play right now. That’s what I think.”

Ainge expressed his certainty that the season will resume in some form, with the league considering the next 2-4 weeks pretty crucial in order to make a decision on a possible season resumption.

“These are the times that we play for,” Ainge noted. “It’s almost like we just played 60 games and it doesn’t mean anything. I think that I would like to finish the season. I think most of the players, if not all the players, would like to finish the season and move on to next year.”

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