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Jalen Rose doesn’t think LeBron James has done enough to be ranked No. 2 all-time


Former NBA player and current sports analyst, Jalen Rose, shared his opinion on where the Los Angeles Lakers’ star stands in the list of the greatest all-time NBA players.

“For a guy like LeBron James, he still has more to achieve in order to be the second greatest player in the history of the basketball. I just think it’s short-sided for people who have a knowledge to allow him to leapfrog certain people for he has not achieved what they achieved, has not been as dominant as they’ve been dominant,” he said.

“You can go: points, rebounds, assists. They all got that. All-Star games, they all got that. So here’s what I say is the difference: when they were at they apex, how dominant they were amongst their piers. Right now if you look at Michael Jordan in ‘The Last Dance’, you see all of these Hall of Fame players, that he stopped from literally winning the championship,” Rose continued.

“In this era of basketball, LeBron ain’t stopping the great players from winning championships. They’re getting their turn. There was no turn in [MJ’s era],” he summed up his argument.

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