Photo: Jayne Kamin Oncea/USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard was used to playing against LeBron James his entire life, even before he became a pro player. He got used to it so much that it came as a shock when Howard signed a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers last summer.

The now-Lakers center joined his teammate Jared Dudley on Instagram Live to talk about many subjects, including his first spell with the team when Kobe Bryant was on it, how he was willing to never go back to LA and more. The 34-year-old veteran also remembered his reaction when he realized that he will be playing with LeBron.

Per Jamie Cooper of UPROXX:

“Man, it’s been wild, man. I remember telling my sister, man, me and LeBron been playing against each other since we were 15, 16 years old. And I was like, man, we’ll never play with each other, you know? We always, like, playing against each other. All of a sudden, we end up teammates. I couldn’t believe it. And I’m like wow, this is crazy, I’m playing with LeBron James. It’s still shocking. We like brothers from another mother. It’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

It seems that the second time with the Lakers is much more smoother for Howard. Now, he has a different role and is not one of the main players but appears to be enjoying himself. This season, the former Dunk Contest champion is averaging 7.5 points and 7.4 rebounds in 19.2 minutes per game.