LeBron James on Jason Williams’ highlights: “Definitely wish I was on the end of one [of] those lobs or no looks”

LeBron James
Photo: Chris Smoove/YouTube

Former NBA player Jason Williams was one of the most flashy point guards in the league’s history with his ball-handling skills and spectacular passes. A highlight reel of the White Chocolate’s lobs and no-look passes was posted on Instagram by the NBA. It caught the eye of LeBron James and he was hyped.

“My dude you was out there silly wit it!! League wasn’t ready for what you possessed. Definitely wish I was on the end of one [of] those lobs or no looks,” the Los Angeles Lakers superstar wrote on his Instagram story.

Photo: KingJames/Instagram

Williams responded with an appreciative message:

Photo: KingJames/Instagram

LeBron did not get the chance to play on the same team with Williams during his career. The two would have definitely made some highlights together.