Snoop Dogg reveals in which NBA player he sees the most of himself

Rapper and Los Angeles icon Snoop Dogg joined Kristen Ledlow and Candace Parker on ‘Ledlow & Parker’ podcast to talk his love for the Lakers, his many projects and more. He was asked an interesting question – in which NBA player he sees the most of himself. Here is what the hip-hop artist had to say about it:

“Well, it’s two different eras. In the first era I see myself as George Gervin, as Iceman. Because Iceman and myself play just the same. I’ve got an infamous finger roll, I had long arms, I would penetrate, I would dunk, I would do every things he would do,” the rapper said.

“And then as and adult I would be like Kevin Garnett. Because I play like the Big Ticket in the paint. I take what you would give in the paint, I’m really aggressive in your face, I would talk the most, but I’m not backing up,” he explained.

The full episode: